What If You Could MAKE OVER YOUR LIFE with just ONE TOOLKIT…

Regardless of your busy schedule … or how much money you have in the bank.  

It’s a bold claim, I know.

But with The Naked Toolkit’s self-care guide that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do. 

In just four weeks you’ll follow a step-by-step plan - and discover game changer tips and tricks - to build a toolkit that’ll help you make lasting changes to your life.  

Just like hundreds of women who I have worked with over years. 


But before we get started,

It’s time for a reality check.

It’s not enough to read about self-care or think about it, you have to, you know, do something for it to work.

But if you commit to building a toolkit to feel happier and healthier. The longer you stick to it…

The easier it will become.

So, why am I so confident when I say I can help you?

Let me explain…

I am a social worker who specialises in trauma and wellbeing, I am the creative director of Generation Women Sydney a monthly event for women of all ages and I have had experience in “the other chair” so I’ve figured out these kinds of secrets when it comes to self-care.

So in wanting to create an easy to follow guide to health and happiness I came up with The Naked Toolkit’s self-care guide and so far it has produced incredible results. 

So well, in fact, this trusted guide has been responsible for changing the lives of thousands of women who I have worked with over the years.

Hey, I’m Donna Logue,    I’m a social worker and producer of the New York Times-recommended show Generation Women.    I work to remind women their life, stories and happiness matter.

Hey, I’m Donna Logue,

I’m a social worker and producer of the New York Times-recommended show Generation Women.

I work to remind women their life, stories and happiness matter.


After reading, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • You’ll have tools on hand to lower stress and anxiety. (Pages 14, 15)

  • You’ll enjoy improved relationships with your partner, your family, your friends, your children and yourself with a secret relationship tool. (Pages 47, 48)

  • You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed with tips and tricks to create a healthy headspace. (Pages 16, 17, 18)

  • You’ll have more energy. (Pages 27, 28 & 29)

  • You’ll stop feeling guilty by uncovering common road blocks that stop people looking after themselves. (Pages 32, 33, 39)

  • You’ll feel in control with secret self-care strategies. 

Pretty cool, right?


Stop believing you need lots of time to make changes to feel happier.

(And don’t get me started on the idea that if we just buy more stuff, we’ll feel more joy!)

Guess what?

What I reveal in this activity book works without needing a lot of time or money.

What you’re getting is proven tips and tricks that work for everyday women. Just like you. Just like me.

Yep, this book shows you how to live a life you can enjoy everyday.


introducing… The Naked Toolkit

The simple 4-step guide to feel happier and healthier.


Week 1: Getting Started

How to successfully build a toolkit of self-care strategies that will help you create a nourishing life.

  • Activity 1: Why can’t it just be easy? Become the architect of your emotions.

  • Activities 2 & 3: Location setting on. Discover your baseline level of happiness.

  • Activity 4: Upload map. Discover your true purpose in life.

  • Activity 5: Input final destination. Understand your goals.

  • Activity 6: Go. Commit to building your Naked Toolkit

Week 2: What Makes your Soul Sing?

Build your life around your strengths and values.

  • Activity 1: What makes your day? Discover the ‘hook’ in your psychology.

  • Activity 2: What is your superpower? Understand your strengths.

  • Activity 3: A typical day. Bring awareness to your daily routines.

  • Activity 4: Life is one great balancing act. Balance your days and feel more nourished.

Week 3: Maintenance vs. Emergency Self-Care

Discover the naked truth when it comes to self-care and predict barriers to using your Naked Toolkit.

  • Activity 1: Self-Care Myths vs. Naked Truths. Be everyone’s first choice on any self-care quiz night.

  • Activity 2: Maintenance Self-Care. Understand your non-negotiable self-care strategies.

  • Activity 3: Emergency Self-Care. Discover your Genius Tasks and what self-care strategies will help you most in a crisis.

  • Activity 4: Bumps in the road. Predict possible barriers to looking after yourself and make a plan to overcome these.

Week 4: Rinse and Repeat

Make your Naked Toolkit work for you when you need it most.

  • Activity 1: When to try something new. Make best friends with mindfulness.

  • Activity 2: A hug for you. Learn to show yourself compassion.

  • Activity 3: Secrets of success. A tool to help you examine the relationships in your life.

  • Activity 4: You made it! Goodbye and good luck. High fives! Your Naked Toolkit is ready to use.


If you break all this down, what I’m saying is that you can build a toolkit of trusted techniques that will not only help you manage the most difficult times in life, but also create a life that you can enjoy everyday.


The 4-steps are not just a cute way to structure a book: there’s power in focusing on one step at a time.

When you roll up your sleeves and get to work building your toolkit, a couple of things will happen.

Firstly, you will feel relieved in knowing there really ARE predictable ways to feel happier and more in control...

The next thing that will happen is...


Easy to follow self-care routines that can be applied to every-day living.

Self-care, understood the right way...

So you can look after yourself and model healthy habits to the people around you.

And the good news is that you needn’t be wracked with guilt at the mere thought of taking time for you.


Ready to feel happier and healthier? 

A few sessions with a therapist is going to set you back a couple of hundred dollars at least…

On the other hand, my book will set you back about $30. (That’s the same as getting lunch in a hipster cafe … and it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.)  

And guess what…?

When you’re in a dark place and you feel like and nothing will ever work…

I am here to tell you…




If you’re ready to live well — and join hundreds of women building toolkits that are simple and easy to use — you can get the book from one of the links on this page. 

You’ll receive access to my book as a digital download instantly.

You can then get reading and make changes right away; you don't have to wait for any pesky shipping delays.

Either way, thank you, and I can’t wait to see you take the first step towards building your toolkit.

Be You. Self-Care. Live Well! 

Donna x