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‘working to remind women their needs matter.’





I think it’s wonderful and beautifully written with a great mix of personal disclosure, research, quotes and exercises. Overall I think it’s a fantastic resource.” - CATHERINE MELLORS, AUTHOR

“So much great information—and really conversational friendly tone.” - SIMONE MCCANN, SCHOOL COUNSELLOR

You have a wonderfully open way of writing that creates automatic warmth, rapport and an over-riding feeling of being in the trenches too and of understanding the difficulties of being human. Using your own biography is powerful and creates the necessary backdrop (personally and professionally) to create trust. Love the strengths-based, emotional honesty combined with well-researched tools—totally makes me want to find a nook and curl up and start my inner work.” - CATH SHAW, CRIMINAL JUSTICE SOCIAL WORKER

"Thank you for this content. I really enjoyed this and I think it was very helpful. I still need to work on my toolkit more, but having a program to build the backbone of my toolkit was unbelievably helpful." - ANON, MIDWEST UNITED STATES


my story

Donna Logue is a social worker, self-care expert and founder of The Naked Toolkit. Scotland born she lives in Sydney next to jacaranda trees and the shimmering harbour. She works to remind women their life, stories and happiness matter. Donna makes up half of the Sydney duo who produce the New York Times-recommended Generation Women, a monthly storytelling night in New York City and Sydney. She is the creator of The Naked Toolkit, a step-by-step guide designed to help women take control and build the life they deserve. Donna loves sunsets, fairy lights and Australia’s laid-back vibe.

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"What is self-care?"

Self-care involves looking after your needs to lead a happy and healthy life. Sounds simple, right? So why do so many of us struggle to spark joy?  I get how lonely and difficult the self-care journey can feel at times. So, I  want to help others avoid as much of that pain as possible. Self-care is more than just bubble baths, exercise or the idea of treating yourself to whatever you fancy. Self-care is believing you matter and trusting you can live better.

"Why invest in The Naked Toolkit?"

There's a heap of information out there – it’s information overload. It takes time and effort to make sense of conflicting information and I know time and results are important. The guide is a gentle introduction to 'true' self-care that includes easy to follow strategies. There is no over promising and no unrealistic advice. What you’re getting is proven tips and tricks that work for everyday women. Just like you. Just like me.

"Will I benefit from the book?"

I know it might feel like such a small step in your self-care journey. But here's why it might be a MUCH bigger deal than you think. By investing in the guide, you will confirm: You have insight and know for change to happen it takes conscious and deliberate action. As such, you’re smart enough to avoid the latest 'wellness craze’ in favour of research-based principles that work for real women.