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Remember one truth: you matter



Welcome to The Naked Toolkit. We celebrate simple and honest wellness advice. This website is not about the latest trend or fad. It’s about how to create a life you can enjoy everyday.

Naked truth: your life, stories and happiness matter


Originally the founder, Donna Logue worked to support women impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault before creating The Naked Toolkit and co-producing Generation Women

In a society that profits from self-doubt and creates confusion when it comes to wellness, The Naked Toolkit supports women to take control and live well.

Generation Women is a cross-generational storytelling night founded in New York City in 2017, and in Sydney in 2018. Each month, six women read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s and 70+.



Activity book

A step-by-step guide to wellness that works with your busy schedule so you can feel good now and into the future.



Join a tribe of like-minded women in the members only support group. Think of us like a best friend who pops in for tea and reminds you that you matter.



Generation Women celebrates and amplifies women’s voices and creativity. Our diverse line-ups will make you laugh, cry, and think. We’re a unique, intimate female storytelling night that brings together women of all ages.


BE YOU. self-care. LIVE well.